Welcome to Tapas & Surf, we make easy you to come, the distance from Managua Airport is 160 km, around 3 hours by car and we offer a $ 100 pickup.

We love animals so do not hesitate to bring your pet, all pets are welcome in our facilities and they can enjoy you, they are just simply part of the family.


In order for you to get answer to your question as quick as possible we have gathered the most frequantly asked questions here. for you to get as quick help as possible, we have tried to collect the most common questions here.

Most frequent question - Customer

How to do an Cabin reservation ?

It's easy just contact us with the name of the person want to reserve a Cabin.

How to became a VIP customer in our resort ?

From the beginning you are a VIP customer, all our clients are VIP.

Which currency do we accept in our structure ?

Dollar $ & Córdoba

How can I give my clothes for speed laundry service ?

Of course, we care about the availability of your clean clothes at the time you request.

Most frequent question - Partner

How can you become your external partner ?

Just contact us and make a proposal.

Do you have any affiliate program for children ?

We have a lot activities for kids, be sure they will not boring with us.

Where is the headquarter of Tapas & Surf ?

You can find us in Nahualapa Beach. Chinandega Nicaragua

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